Defensive Regimes

By definition, a web site that is successful in attracting traffic offers content that is attractive and thus, of some value to the targetted user. If the site is freely accessible to the public at large, there are usually no problems.

However, if site access is restricted, there will always be those who try to gain access to the protected materials without proper authorisation. A prime example is paid subscription sites. While value and cost can both be denominated in currency, there are always those who will want the value without the cost. What this really says is that the more successful a membership site is, the greater the attraction to those who want the content without paying. This is the domain of hotlinkers, password hackers and password traders ...

Protection of Builtin Accounts

Independent of the account lockout capabilities built into the isapi authentication filter, the split between the operating system sam user database and the client user database prevents the brute forcing of builtin account passwords.

This is important because by default, the builtin administrator account cannot be disabled. If any of the native iis authentication schemes are used it is possible to mount a brute force attack against a server running IIS for an unlimited duration as long as the server remains operational ...

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